GameHub launches new cryptocurrency to innovate the gaming environment.

GameHub (CEO: Dennis Kim), the gaming platform corporation in Hong Kong, has launched a new website ( called “PlayCoin” for Token Sale participation and investment on November 6th. PlayCoin is a new cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology that will used for digital marketing for the online gaming industry.
In contrast to existed coin mining methods, PlayCoin can be earned as rewards through social network activities on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and blogging; this is what we call “Social Mining”.
Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) and New media or digital marketing; will utilize WangHongs and Influencers (Me-Media) to advertise products or services that advertisers offer. When these Me-Media successfully complete the marketing objectives on based CPI, CPS, and CPV; they will receive PlayCoins that may be liquidated.


Current existing Influencer marketing platform uses Adpick, Smartposting, and ADBox – marketing based on performance – that will provide a “Win-Win” model to both advertisers and Influencers.
WangHongs and Influencers will receive PlayCoin as a reward by advertising games that indie creators and small gamine companies have produced. Rewards will be provided depending on the companies’ revenue and level of contribution attributed to the Me-Media.
Dennis Kim, CEO of GameHub, stated that “PlayCoin will challenge the current monopolized gaming market and the entire digital marketing environment. Now we have 400 WangHongs with thousands of followers collectively, who will engage with game advertisers create the environment of PlayCoin”.
The PlayCoin ICO is planned to launch November 11th to March 31st 2018. The Token Sale may be closed earlier when investment target is reached earlier.
PlayCoin officially stated “The People’s Republic of China and other Token Sale restricted nations will be unable to participate in Pre-Token Sale. We comply with the laws of each nations”.



专业游戏平台企业香港GameHub(游戏坊有限公司,金浩光代表)以虚拟货币PlayCoin投资和Token Sale参与为目的,于本月6日正式公开官方网站(。PlayCoin由GameHub发行,预定发售的虚拟货币将用于游戏和数字营销中,它是基于区块链为基础的全新的加密货币。


它不同于现有虚拟货币的传统挖掘方式,而是以Social Mining的方式进行挖掘,用户可以通过Facebook,YouTube,Blog等多种SNS活动取得相应奖励从未获取PlayCoin。


原有的MCN,New Media营销技巧大多是采用影响者,网红等宣传广告商上传的广告商品,实现CPI, CPS, CPV的广告商品的营销目标的话,即可获得可兑现的优惠券的方式进行的。


以用这种方式运行的影响者营销平台为例,现在的有ADPICK, SmartPosting,ADbox,其被称为表演基础的营销技巧被,不仅是广告商影响者所有都是(Win-win)可以实现的模型而备受关注。






此外PlayCoin的Token Sale进行日程将于11月15日开始到2018年3月31日截止,投资目标金额达成时将提前结束。


据GameHub相关人员称“中国和其他禁止参加Token Sale的国家的国际持有者将不可参与PlayCoin的Pre-Token Sale,需要遵守各国的相关法律规定。”


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