“PlayCoin” : great friend with Influencer-WangHong game marketing.

GameHub, the professional gaming platform corporate in Hong Kong, will launch new self-developed cryptocurrency called “PlayCoin”. PlayCoin has new feature called “Social Mining”. Compare to mining system like Bitcoin, users may receive PlayCoin as a reward by activities on Social Network such as Youtube, Facebook, and other blogs. At the same time, GameHub has launched webpage called “ICOwithUS” that it will provide all information about PlayCoin, Token Sale industries, global market, and restriction. Park(director of GameHub) stated that “We can satisfy readers in Korea, China, and globally through ICOwithUs webpage”. Also he noted “Park, the director of GameHub, mentioned that “ICOwithUs webpage will bring all information and interesting facts of global cryptocurrency to readers in Korea, China, even whole world. Also, he noted that “We will open communication forums for creating relationship among subscribers and readers in the future”.


据报道,专业游戏平台公司香港法人GameHub公司,将要发行其自主研发的虚拟货币PlayCoin。PlayCoin不同于传统的比特币的挖掘方式,取而代之采用名为社交挖掘的方式。用户可通过YouTube,Facebook,Blog等多种SNS活动,从中获得奖励的形式来获取PlayCoin。GameHub不仅研发了PlayCoin,还开设了一个名为ICOwithus的官方网站,它是集全球市场经济现状、产业、规制政策等与Token Sale相关信息于一体的信息网站。GameHub的朴基哲理事说道,“ICOwithus网站的开设,对于关注韩国、中国、甚至全球的加密货币的读者们来说,读者们可以在这里获得几乎所有他们想知道的信息”,“今后为了和读者们保持良好的沟通,我们将努力开设一个交流频道以便及时提供给他们所需的信息。”


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