Il-Min Lee, author of Spring Framework, has joined GameHub as Lead Blockchain Developer.

GameHub, the social gaming rewards platform corporation in Hong Kong, has recruited Il-Min Lee, the author of IT software bestseller “Spring Framework”, as Lead Blockchain Developer to promote PlayCoin. Starting on November 15th, Lee will start the generalization of Social Mining and Credit Rating technology for PlayCoin. Lee is also the founder of the Java community called Korea Spring User Group (KSUG).
Dennis Kim, CEO of GameHub, stated that “This will be a great opportunity to elaborate on blockchain technology and other major features for PlayCoin through Lee’s supervision.
PlayCoin introduces a new feature called “Social Mining” to the blockchain and online game marketing space. In contrast to mining system like Bitcoin, Me-Media (WangHongs and Influencers) may earn PlayCoin as a success-based rewards for their social media activities on Social Network such as Youtube, Facebook, other platforms and blogs.
The PlayCoin Token Sale is scheduled for Nobember 15th 2017 to March 31st 2018. The Token Sale may be closed early if investment target is reached before the close date.
PlayCoin officially stated “The People’s Republic of China and other Token Sale restricted nations will be unable to participate I the Pre-Token Sale. We comply with laws of each nations”.
For more detail, you may visit the PlayCoin webpage.


专业的游戏平台企业,香港法人GameHub(游戏坊有限公司,代表 金浩光)为了虚拟货币PlayCoin的开发和Token Sale,聘请IT软件领域最热卖的“Toby Spring”的作者李日闵(音译)技术员为公司技术指导负责人。


李日闵(音译)技术负责人将于11月15日,全权担当PlayCoin的Token Sale准备中的加密货币的社交挖掘和信用等级等多项技术开发业务。 李日闵(音译)技术负责人是韩国Java代表技术社区Korea Spring User Group(KSUG)的创始人,同时也是韩国IT软件领域的畅销书籍‘Toby Spring 3’的著作者。


GameHub的金浩光代表称:“ 通过引进李日闵(音译)开发人员来进一步细化PlayCoin核心技术和区块链技术需求,这将是一个很好地机会。”




同时,GameHub的PlayCoin的Token Sale将于今年11月15日至2018年3月31日期间进行。 Token Sale负责人提醒到:“中国和其他禁止Token Sale的国家必须遵守国家法律,他们不能参与PlayCoin的 Pre-Token SaleO。





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