PlayCoin has signed M.O.U. with Linker Coin.

GameHub(CEO: Dennis Kim), the gaming platform corporate in Hong Kong, has signed M.O.U. with Linker Coin for new cryptocurrency environment.

PlayCoin is gaming and digital asset cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology for Me-media marketers such as WangHong and Influencer. They may obtain PlayCoin by “Social Mining”. Social Mining represents a reward to Me-media with game marketing, using social network, promote revenue to PlayCoin Alliance.

Linker Coin is cryptocurrency that connects transaction among cryptocurrency market, financial market, and online market. Linker Coin corporation will launch new cryptocurrency exchange called “COINX” on December 1st.

Dennis Kim, the CEO of GameHub, told “From this agreement, both PlayCoin and Linker Coin will cooperation as Coin to Coin business that will bring an innovation to cryptocurrency market. Also, PlayCoin will be listed on COINX next year”.

PlayCoin 1st Token Sale will take place in between November 15th , 2017 and March 31st, 2018.

PlayCoin warned that “People’s Republic of China and other Token Sale restricted countries are not eligible to participate in Pre-Token Sale”.



专业的游戏平台香港法人GameHub(游戏坊有限公司,代表 金浩光)PlayCoin与LinkerCoin为了携手革新加密货币,共同签订了M.O.U。





GameHub金浩光代表“游戏和影响者相互连接的PlayCoin,与LinkerCoin签订连接代币和代币的MOU, 将全面革新加密货币市场。PlayCoin预计将于明年在LinkerCoin财团的加密货币交易所COINX上市。

另外,GameHub PlayCoin在11月15日开始了第一轮Token Sale,到2018年3月31日结束。GameHub Token Sale负责人说“中国和其他Token Sale禁止国家的公民将不能参与PlayCoin Token Sale。”


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