GameHub has launched its Token Sale webpage: ICOwithUs.

GameHub (CEO Dennis Kim), the social gaming rewards platform corporation in Hong Kong, has launched its Token Sale news webpage called “ICOwithUs” on November 9th 2017 (


This webpage will report news on the Initial Coin Offering (Token Sale) with information on current issues related to the gaming and media industries and government policy and regulations.

ICOwithUs will host contents like trends, industries news, regulations, and current issues about the cryptocurrency market in China, Korea, and Globally.

Offcials at GameHub stated “The ICOwithUs webpage will provide relevant information and interesting facts on global cryptocurrency to readers in Korea, China, and for the rest of the world”. “We will also provide open communication forums for creating relationship among subscribers and readers in the future”.

GameHub is developing a cryptocurrency called “PlayCoin” that will disrupt the game marketing environment. The 1st PlayCoin Token Sale is schedule for November 15th 2017 to March 31st 2018.



专业游戏平台公司,香港法人GameHub(游戏方公司,代表 金浩光)于9日正式公开了集全球市场经济现状和产业,规制政策等于一体的网站ICOwithUs(。

在ICOwithUs网站中有韩国、中国、全球虚拟货币市场的趋势,产业,规制政策和各国的相关态度氛围,内容每日更新。现在与Token Sale相关的新闻已经上传了有140多个,这个网站里大致分为韩国货币新闻,中国货币新闻和世界货币新闻。


此外,ICOwithUs还通过和KICC中国创业周刊的携手刊载,于9月12日开始,此网站的主要新闻都可以在周刊中的中国创业版面中查看。 KICC(Korea Innovation Center China)是为了进军中国本土的韩国企业们进行孵化的国家机关, KICC周刊的中国创业版面每周周二发行。


同时,GameHub的PlayCoin的Token Sale将于今年11月15日至2018年3月31日期间进行。 Token Sale负责人提醒到:“中国和其他禁止Token Sale的国家必须遵守国家法律,他们不能参与PlayCoin的 Pre-Token Sale。

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