SeoungEun Cho joins GameHub as Digital Contents Creator. GameHub PlayCoin,引进项目策划人才赵成恩(音译)

GameHub, the social gaming rewards platform corporation in Hong Kong, has recruited SeoungEun Cho as Digital Contents Creator for the PlayCoin Token Sale and investment.
Cho is professional marketing consultant formerly the CMO of NAKTA Co. responsible for the content, management, and investment relations.
Brian Park, CMO of GameHub, stated that “Through Cho’s recruitment, this will be a great opportunity to elaborate on content for foreign markets and investment from VCs”.
Previously, Cho successfully brought GameHub the M.O.U. with Lamate Taiwan, a publishing company in Taiwan on November 15th, 2017.
PlayCoin introduces a new feature called “Social Mining” to the blockchain and online game marketing space. In contrast to mining system like Bitcoin, Me-Media (WangHongs and Influencers) may earn PlayCoin as success-based rewards for their social media activities on Social Network such as Youtube, Facebook, other platforms, and blogs.
The PlayCoin Token Sale is scheduled for November 15th, 2017 to March 31st, 2018. The  Token Sale may be closed early if the investment target is reached before the close date.
PlayCoin officially stated “The People’s Republic of China and other  Token Sale restricted nations will be unable to participate I the Pre- Token Sale. We comply with the laws of each nation”.


专业的游戏平台公司,香港法人GameHub(遊戱坊有限公司, 代表 金浩光),为了PlayCoin虚拟货币的投资及 Token Sale,特别引进赵成恩(音译)代表作为市场营销咨询顾问委员。
现在,赵成恩(音译)咨询委员与KOSMOS基础设施携手,以台湾,澳门,香港为主要对象进行FPS游戏“Special force”服务。源头文化宣传和招商引资中,现在正计划和GameHub一起开展PlayCoin的全球营销事业中。
PlayCoin是由GameHub公司发行的基于区块链技术的虚拟货币,主要用于游戏和数字营销领域。它不同于传统的挖掘方式,而是采取社交挖掘(Social Mining)的方式进行挖掘。
另外,GameHubPlayCoin第1轮 Token Sale举办时间为2017年11月15日至2018年3月31日。 Token Sale的负责人说道:“中国和其他禁止参与 Token Sale的国家,将不能参与Pre- Token Sale,须遵守各国相关的法律法规”。

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