Contribute via Ethereum(English)

What’s going on? This is PlayCoin Team.

This time, we will show you how to contribute to PlayCoin via QTUM.

  1. Click “Sign up” button in the top right-hand corner of the PlayCoin website (



2. Enter your e-mail and your password.


3. After pressing “Create Account”, you must check your designated e-mail to verify.



4. After verifying your e-mail, you will be back to PlayCoin website automatically.
Then log in with your e-mail and password.


5. After you logged in, the whole website will look like below. When you click your
e-mail(your account) top right-hand corner, three buttons will show up:
Contribute, Dashboard, and Log out.


6. When you click “Contribute”, you will see three methods of contribution: QTUM Bitcoin, and Ethereum.


7. When you click “Ethereum”, you must valid whether your QTUM address is valid or not.
Enter your QTUM Receiving Address, and press “Check” button to see if your address is valid. If so click “Next” to proceed.
* If you do not have QTUM Core Wallet yet, please check “How to Create QTUM Core Wallet”.

*Once you entered QTUM Receiving Address, you do not have to enter again when you contribute PlayCoin Main Sale with other coins.


9.  In the PlayCoin website, enter YOUR Ethereum wallet address to “My Wallet Address”. Then press “confirm” to create new PlayCoin Ethereum wallet address (Ethereum ONLY). Copy the created PlayCoin Ethereum wallet address.

(If you do not have Ethereum wallet, please see link:


10. After copied PlayCoin Ethereum wallet address, go to and click “Send Ether & Tokens” tab. Enter copied PlayCoin Ethereum wallet address to “To Address”, enter the amount of Ethereum, and click “Generate Transaction”.

And you complete the Ethereum contribution.



Again, thank you very much for your contribution.

After the end of Token Sale, you will be noticed about “How to receive PlayCoin Token to QTUM Core Wallet” via email or other methods of communication.



Thank you very much.

PlayCoin Team

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