Let’s Create Myetherwallet. (English)


What’s going on? This is PlayCoin Team.

For this time, we’ll explain how to create your Ethereum wallet on

  1. Go to My-Ethereum wallet.

Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com/; and create new wallet by entering a new password.


2. Click “Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)“ button to save file on your computer. Please store with care in your computer, because this is a very relevant document. Click “I understand. Continue” button; move on to next step.


3. Private Key is classified material that only YOU must see. DO NOT SHARE or LOSE it. You may print out Private Key by clicking “Print Paper Wallet” button or write in your personal place.

Click “Save Your Address” to move on.3.png

4. Press Keystore File from the left column, and select your wallet. Enter your received/saved Private Key and unlock your wallet.



5. This page shows all your information for your wallet including your address.


Now, you successfully created a new Ethereum wallet.


Extra. You may check your Ethereum transaction on https://etherscan.io/.
Enter your Ethereum address in a right-hand corner next to LOGIN button.
Then, it will show transaction that you’ve made.


Thank you very much.

PlayCoin Team.

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