How To Receive PlayCoin Token to your QTUM Core Wallet. (ENGLISH)

Greetings, this is PlayCoin Team.

Before that, thank you very much for your contribution.
We highly value your contribution to PlayCoin.
We promise you that we shall make an innovation for the game and digital society!

For this time, I would like to show you the way to receive PlayCoin Token to your QTUM Core Wallet.

Just to remind everyone that, this is NOT wallet on the exchange. This is your OWN QTUM wallet.

  1. Launch QTUM Core Wallet.



2. Press “QRC Token” in the left-hand corner.



3. Press “Add Token” at the center.



4. Copy PlayCoin Contract Address below:



5. Paste Contract Address to QTUM Core Wallet.
and all other information like “Token Name”, “Token Symbol”, and “Decimal” will be automatically shown.



6. In the “Token Address”, select the address that you have used for PlayCoin Contribution.
*Make sure your address must be matched with the address that you’ve used for contribution.


7. Lastly, simply hit “Confirm”


8. And you will see the pop up that saying “Enable log events in order to receive token”.0039. Now, let’s enable log events.

Simply go to “Option” tab in the left hand corner like picture below:


10. In the Wallet tab. Fill the check box as red square shows:


11. Now! you have fully received PlayCoin Token.


** You may check your bonus 0.2 QTUMs in red box in the right hand corner. This QTUM will be used as Gas Fee/transaction in QTUM Core wallet and Qbao application.




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