Dennis Kim Talks About What Technologies that Exchanges Need to Have.

Greetings From PlayCoin Team.

Dennis Kim, CEO of PlayCoin, contributed opinion article titled with “Cryptocurrency Exchange with Blockchain and Security Technology” on Next Money(Fintech Business Magazine) February. Through this opinion article, Dennis talks about how cryptocurrency exchange has been controversy recently.
Thank you very much.




著名的金融商业杂志《Next Money》在本期的2月刊中,收录了PlayCoin CEO Dennis“虚拟货币交易所—区块链与安保并需”一文,Dennis在文章中对近期火热异常的加密货币交易所进行了分析与探讨。
– PlayCoin




Next Money(Fintech Business Magazine)の2月版にPlayCoin CEOであるDennisのコラムが載りました。最近最も話題となった暗号通貨取引所のセキュリティーについて語りました


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