Game Portal Collaboration Between PlayCoin and Qbao Network: New Power Has Risen!


Game Portal Collaboration Between PlayCoin and Qbao Network: New Power Has Risen!

PlayCoin and Qbao Network have announced the collaboration on game portal management and method of payments. Major differences are that PlayCoin game portal will be added to Qbao Network application. Moreover, PlayCoin Token will be the method of payment for new incoming users that they could use tokens as purchasing game items and other digital assets.

Currently, Qbao Network wallet supports QTUM, QBT, VUE, INK,and other cryptocurrencies. PlayCoin, which has the symbol of “PLY”, will be added into Qbao Network wallet this upcoming update patch. Also, there will be more tokens to be added in the future.

PlayCoin is the project based on the blockchain technology for gaming and digital asset. PlayCoin has very high expectation that it will construct fair gaming market compare to classical monopolized gaming market such as Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore, Tencent, and other major gaming store platforms.

PlayCoin is introduced based on the QTUM technology that will bring less commission charged for indie game creators and small business. Also, users such as gamers and me-media – referred as single personal streamers – can have stable and trustworthy game downloading platform with better efficiency in the market per se.

Construct strong-bonding ecosystem with Social Mining and PlayCoin Alliance –

Social Mining is the platform that game creators and developers can easily upload and update their products. Thus, game users – often referred as Influencers, KOL, WangHong, and other gamers – can select the variety of game genres to play. They can earn PlayCoin tokens by advertising games on their social network channels. You can enjoy playing games, and earn the PlayCoin tokens at the same time. PlayCoin has strong bonding with other companies called PlayCoin Alliance, thus, it will make stronger gaming platform and ecosystem.

Qbao Network is the payment gateway based on the blockchain that has the feature of wallet and token transfer. The number of users is skyrocketing. Qbao Network announced that it newly launch game platform in their application with PlayCoin to promote flourish platform structure for both.

This collaboration has two advantages:

1)    This new ecosystem will promote more stability and open-wide platform than a classical gaming platform. More game creators and developers can release their products in next-gen. game market with legitimate budgets that they have. Also, more users and influences will launch their contents and channels to advertise games. This structure will make those creators and developers better environment to create a better quality of games. As a result, this collaboration will be the new blockchain technology that will make everybody winner.

2)    Blockchain technology will provide to everyone with the protection of rights. Through online transaction and smart contract as person-to-person(P2P) form, game creators can claim their value with protection rights and its profit. Advertisement on social network channel will make all transactions transparent. Also, the blockchain technology that has de-centralized structure can promote a protection of profits that everyone created. This new innovation ecosystem will construct a Win-Win form that would maximize its profit to infinity and beyond.

Dennis Kim, the CEO of PlayCoin, claims that “The cooperation between the two parties will be a milestone for both. For the Qbao Network, the setup of PlayCoin game platform in its newest update, makes one step closer to the strategic goal, “The key to the world of Blockchain.”. For PlayCoin, this cooperation with Qbao Network is not only its first step to break the inherent structure of the game market, but also the first step of PlayCoin to the world.


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