How to Import/Back-up Qbao Wallet.

What if you bought new phone?
What if you reinstalled application?
What if you lose your phone?

Don’t worry about it!
Qbao Wallet has import/back-up feature.

Once you download the Qbao application, you have 2 options. One in the left is used for importing the wallet that already have or backing-up wallet.

  1. Open Qbao Network Application.



2. Enter the Mnemonic Key that you made for last wallet.
This is where you bring your existed wallet.

As picture shown,

A. Enter OLD Mnemonic Key
B. Enter NEW 6-digit number for password
C. Confirm NEW 6-digits number for password
D. Enter the code shown in the right.
E. Enter promotion Code(optional)



3. After entering all information, press “Import Wallet”.


4. You will see the pop-up saying, “Import Wallet Success!”



5. Make sure to write the mnemonic key down somewhere else.


6. Press “Copy Passphrase” to copy your Passphrase/Mnemonic Backup


7. Press “Open” to enable login protection.



8. Press “Open” to enable fingerprint payment with payment notification.



9. Finally, you successfully import/back-up the Qbao Wallet.




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