Troubleshooting: If you Qtum Core Wallet is frozen…

Greetings, this is PlayCoin Team.
Sometimes, you may have technical difficulty with syncing.
So, the screen is frozen, and you can’t do anything.

This is how to solve this problem.

IMPORTANT!: You must back up your Qtum Core Wallet Data!

Check out how to back up Qtum Core Wallet:

  1. Open Windows Search and enter “control panel” as picture shown.
    (For Windows 8.1. and older, you can simply find Search by pressing Windows button).


2. Open Control Panel, and press “Uninstall a program”

3. Find the Qtum Wallet file from the list and press “Uninstall” as picture shown.


4. Uninstall Qtum


5. After uninstalling Qtum Core Wallet, you must delete Roaming Data as well. This is the one will fix frozen problem.

Folder Route(as picture shown): This PC → Local Disk(C:) → Users →
[Computer’s User Name] → AppData → Roaming → Qtum.

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6. If you can’t find “AppData” folder, press “View” and checkmark the “Hidden Items” like picture below.
And finally, delete the Qtum Folder.

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7. After delete the Roaming folder, re-install the Qtum Core Wallet.
Installation guide link

8. After re-installing the Qtum Core Wallet, the wallet will sync properly.
And the wallet should load up your previous backed-up wallet automatically.
If the wallet does not load up your previous backed-up wallet, you have to manually restore your wallet like pictures below.


Now, you successfully solve the frozen problem.

Thank you very much.

PlayCoin Team

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