[Notice] Sending PlayCoin Tokens Between Exchanges.

Greetings, this is PlayCoin Team.

We thank you very much for our interest and love on us.
Last 27th, the PlayCoin tokens had listed on Cobinhood Exchange. And PlayCoin tokens will be listed on LBANK Exchange on May 11th.

Now that we have two exchanges listed, we would like to inform you a little warning about sending PlayCoin Tokens between exchanges.

If you send the PlayCoin Tokens directly from Cobinhood and LBANK, and vice versa; it would take very long time to confirm the sending. Currently, the wallet compatible between these two exchanges is not completely stable yet. So, we recommend not to send PlayCoin Tokens between two exchanges directly this time.

So, please use Qbao Network or Qtum Core Wallet to send between two exchanges.

For example:

DO: Cobinhood ▶ Qbao or Qtum Wallet ▶ LBANK
DO NOT: Cobinhood ▶ LBANK

If you have question or concern about transaction mechanism, please contact to the exchanges.

Thank you very much.

PlayCoin Team.

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