Announcement: Early Closing PlayCoin Token Sale.

Greetings, this is PlayCoin Team.

We utterly appreciate for your interest and support. We successfully reached Hard Cap early; and flourished of token sale.

Without you, we wouldn’t be successful with whole project.

We PlayCoin will do our best to innovate the gaming and digital markets.
We will be back with more good news!

Thank you very much.

– PlayCoin Team



这段期间因为各位对PlayCoin的厚爱与支持,PlayCoin取得了提前到达HardCap的巨大成果,成功结束Global Token Sale 。
















⁻ プレイコインチーム一同

PlayCoin has joined Summit in Hong Kong.

Greetings, this is PlayCoin Team.


On January 30, 2018, we PlayCoin has participated “Robin8 Blockchain Hong Kong Summit” with any other investors and blockchain companies. Summit has started with Robin8, and continued with PreAngel Fund, PlayCoin, Queschain Capital, Bit-Z Exchange, SmartlnsurProtocol, UUNIO, Charter.
From this summit, PlayCoin has introduced how we will renovate the future of game and digital markets, Social Mining, and Token Sale(ICO) agenda. Also, we brought attention of many people through Air-Drop event.
PlayCoin Global Pre-Sale has begun since January 15, 2018; and will be ended February 10th.
We hope to see you soon.


Be with us, stay with us!
Thank you very much.



大家好,我们是PlayCoin 团队。


本月30号在香港举办的Robin8 HK Summit,从下午2点开始至6点为止,短短4个小时之内就吸引了众多的区块链企业和投资者们前来参加。本次活动的顺序以Robin8为首开始,紧接着PreAngel Fund, PlayCoin, Queschain capital, Bit-Z Exchange, SmartInsurProtocol, UUNIO, Charter有条不紊地完成了精彩的演讲。


PlayCoin在此次Summit活动中就如何革新游戏市场的未来及PlayCoin社交挖掘(Social Mining)的优点进行了主要阐述,并公开了Token Sale(ICO)的日程安排。另外,特别的Air-Drop活动环节也让众多参与者们为之兴奋和欣喜。PlayCoin的Global Pre-Sale于1月15日正式启动,将结束于2月10日。







1月30日午後2時から6時まで行われたRobin8&ブロックチェーンの香港サミットには、数多くのブロックチェーン会社とinvestorが参加しました。今回のサミットには、Robin8をはじめ、PreAngel Fund, PlayCoin, Queschain capital,Bit-Z Exchange, SmartInsurProtocol, UUNIO, Charterの催しとして行われました。PlayCoinは今回のサミットで、PlayCoinが革新させるゲーム市場の未来とPlayCoinの特有の利点であるソーシャルマイニングなど、Token Sale(ICO)の日程も公開しました。
また、特別なAir-Dropイベントにより、数多くの参加者の皆さんの注目を浴びました。PlayCoin Global Pre Saleは1月15日から始まっており、2月10日に締め切ります。多くの参加をお願いいたします。







SeoungEun Cho joins GameHub as Digital Contents Creator. GameHub PlayCoin,引进项目策划人才赵成恩(音译)

GameHub, the social gaming rewards platform corporation in Hong Kong, has recruited SeoungEun Cho as Digital Contents Creator for the PlayCoin Token Sale and investment.
Cho is professional marketing consultant formerly the CMO of NAKTA Co. responsible for the content, management, and investment relations.
Brian Park, CMO of GameHub, stated that “Through Cho’s recruitment, this will be a great opportunity to elaborate on content for foreign markets and investment from VCs”.
Previously, Cho successfully brought GameHub the M.O.U. with Lamate Taiwan, a publishing company in Taiwan on November 15th, 2017.
PlayCoin introduces a new feature called “Social Mining” to the blockchain and online game marketing space. In contrast to mining system like Bitcoin, Me-Media (WangHongs and Influencers) may earn PlayCoin as success-based rewards for their social media activities on Social Network such as Youtube, Facebook, other platforms, and blogs.
The PlayCoin Token Sale is scheduled for November 15th, 2017 to March 31st, 2018. The  Token Sale may be closed early if the investment target is reached before the close date.
PlayCoin officially stated “The People’s Republic of China and other  Token Sale restricted nations will be unable to participate I the Pre- Token Sale. We comply with the laws of each nation”.


专业的游戏平台公司,香港法人GameHub(遊戱坊有限公司, 代表 金浩光),为了PlayCoin虚拟货币的投资及 Token Sale,特别引进赵成恩(音译)代表作为市场营销咨询顾问委员。
现在,赵成恩(音译)咨询委员与KOSMOS基础设施携手,以台湾,澳门,香港为主要对象进行FPS游戏“Special force”服务。源头文化宣传和招商引资中,现在正计划和GameHub一起开展PlayCoin的全球营销事业中。
PlayCoin是由GameHub公司发行的基于区块链技术的虚拟货币,主要用于游戏和数字营销领域。它不同于传统的挖掘方式,而是采取社交挖掘(Social Mining)的方式进行挖掘。
另外,GameHubPlayCoin第1轮 Token Sale举办时间为2017年11月15日至2018年3月31日。 Token Sale的负责人说道:“中国和其他禁止参与 Token Sale的国家,将不能参与Pre- Token Sale,须遵守各国相关的法律法规”。

PlayCoin Signed a M.O.U. with Ncloud24. NCloud24系统携手GameHub,签定PlayCoin支付手段 M.O.U

GameHub(CEO: Dennis Kim), the social rewards gaming platform corporation in Hong Kong, has announced on November 20th, 2017 that PlayCoin has signed an M.O.U. with WellDate System for billing transactions in PlayCoin.
PlayCoin is a gaming and digital asset cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology for Me-media marketers such as WangHongs and Influencers. Me-media may earn PlayCoin through “Social Mining”. Social Mining utilizes the social influence of Me-media for gaming marketing to promote play, usage, and revenue through the PlayCoin Alliance.
Ncloud24, independently developed by WellData System, is one of most well-known Korean cloud service companies established since 2011. WellData System has partnered with KT Ucloud biz, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Photon game engine. Moreover, Ncloud24 provides information about gaming infrastructure management to its users to receive a consultation for game management and systematic optimization.
James Han, CFO of GameHub, stated: “Through this agreement, we can provide cloud contents with PlayCoin based billing transaction systems for gaming and content marketers”.
PlayCoin 1st Token Sale will take place in between November 15th, 2017 and March 31st, 2018.
PlayCoin warned that “The People’s Republic of China and other  Token Sale restricted countries are not eligible to participate in Pre- Token Sale”.


据20日消息报道,专业游戏平台企业,香港法人GameHub遊戱坊有限公司 ,代表 金浩光)和Ncloud24(代表 孟尚英(音译))就导入PlayCoin作为云服务结算手段而签订了M.O.U
PlayCoin是在游戏和数字营销中可使用的,基于区块链开发的全新加密货币。PlayCoin的出现源于想要彻底改变被大企业们所垄断的游戏生态系统,正在创建独立游戏开发者和中小型游戏公司可以共同成长的生态系统“PlayCoin联盟(PlayCoin Alliance)’”。
Ncloud24(作为韩国代表性的云计算公司,是自2011年以来首次启动云服务的CSB公司的“Well Data System”的品牌。也是KT ucloud biz·亚马逊网络服务(AWS )和Photon游戏引擎的合作伙伴。
另外,据GameHub相关人士称,GameHubPlayCoin第1轮 Token Sale举办时间为,2017年11月15日至2018年3月31日。“中国及其他禁止参与 Token Sale的国家公民不可参与PlayCoin的 Token Sale”。

K.C.C.A. launched “November BIZ + Talk” 韩国文化产业振兴院举办“11月 BIZ+ Talk” 한국콘텐츠진흥원 ‘11월 BIZ+ Talk’ 개최

PlayCoin Official Q & A OFFLINE!

Dennis Kim, CEO of new cryptocurrency “PlayCoin”, is invited as speaker by “BIZ + Talk of November” that Korea Creative Content Agency and Ministry of Culture Korea has launched.


This time, you may ask many questions about PlayCoin and its technology offline.

If you are interested, feel free to join and share your question and concern!

Thank you very much!



全新的加密货币“PlayCoin”的代表“Dennis Kim(金浩光)”,将应邀出席由韩国文化体育观光部与韩国文化产业振兴院共同承办的“11月 BIZ+Talk”活动,并将在活动中发表演讲。






플레이코인 오프라인 Q&A시간!

새로운 암호화 화폐 ‘플레이코인대표이사 ‘데니스 김’이 문화체육관광부와 한국콘텐츠진흥원에서 개최하는 ‘11월 비즈 플러스톡(BIZ+Talk)’에 초청을 받아 강연을 합니다.

지난 페이스북 라이브 방송에 이어 오프라인 자리를 통해 플레이 코인에 관심 있으신 분들은 플레이코인에 대해 궁금하신 점을 물어볼 수 있는 시간입니다.

많은 관심과 참여 바랍니다.



PlayCoin Road-Show Schedule. PlayCoin巡演日程安排 플레이코인 로드쇼 일정 안내

Greetings, this is PlayCoin Team.
From November 24th to 27th, PlayCoin will launch a Road-Show with variety of global companies.
(Details will be announced near future)
This Road-Show will explain how PlayCoin has been created and its philosophy; and how PlayCoin will be the future innovation in gaming environment. Also, this will help to describe about Token Sale participation.
Additionally, on the middle of December, we are planning to launch more Road-Shows in Hong Kong and Jakarta, Indonesia.
Support us, be with us, and we will do our best!
Thank you very much.



本次巡演内容包括,致力于全面革新游戏生态系统而应运而生的PlayCoin的原理和开发背景,以及现在正在进行的 Token Sale,和相关的未来蓝图等重要内容,是一次千载难逢的机会。我们一直在为实现 Token Sale而不懈努力。


안녕하세요 플레이코인 입니다.
11월 24일부터 27일까지 상해에서 글로벌 기업들과 플레이코인 로드쇼를 진행할 예정입니다.
(미팅 회사에 대한 정보는 추후 공개 예정)
게임 생태계 혁신을 위해 탄생한 플레이코인의 철학과 개발 배경, 그리고 현재 진행중인 Token Sale을 통한 앞으로의 미래까지 함께 이야기하는 자리가 될 것이며, Token Sale참여 유치까지 이어질 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.
또한 12월 중순 홍콩과 자카르타에서 두번의 로드쇼가 추가로 예정되어 있으니, 이점 참고해주시기 바라며, 앞으로 많은 응원과 지지 부탁 드립니다.



Official PlayCoin Live Chat has OPENED! PlayCoin 官方讨论群,正式公开啦! 플레이코인 공식 채팅방 오픈!

Greetings, this is PlayCoin
Starting today, we are opening live chats with Telegram and KakaoTalk.
 Telegram: 
 KakaoTalk:
Many fascinating and helpful news will be shared via Live Chat.
Also, you can share any questions and comments as well!
Join with PlayCoin Now !
Thank you very much.


*Telegram :
*KakaoTalk :



안녕하세요 플레이코인 입니다.
오늘부터 텔레그램카카오톡을 통해 공식 채팅방을 운영합니다.
*텔레그램 :
*카카오톡 :
공식 채팅방을 통해 다양한 정보들이 공유될 예정이며, 많은 참여 부탁 드립니다.